In Memoriam

Matthew Ross Athey
10/16/1974 - 8/3/2016

Kindness Matters Soaps
was created in honor and memory of my son,
Matthew Ross Athey.

He passed over to be with Jesus at age 41
of a heart attack in his sleep.

The lyric from the song Hands by Jewel,
"In the end . . . only kindness matters,”
was his favorite saying.

He was full of kindness for everyone.
Everyone he met was attracted to him.
He had a way of making you feel special.

He was a nurse. His patients and peers adored him.
Young people and his children's friends loved him.
He always rooted for the underdog.

I'm not saying he was perfect.
He had a quirky and goofy sense of humor.
He was a teaser and liked practical jokes.

Since his passing, kindness matters has
become very important to me.
Giving my soaps to others as random acts of kindness
has given me so much comfort.

It is remarkable how joyful such acts
to anyone, especially strangers, can make you feel!!!