About Us

Busy Bee Carolyn (R) & Mr. Ed (L) with
"Honey I'm Home," Mascot & Security Director

I have always been a “Mother Earth” type of gal. In the past, I've done all kinds of artsy-craftsy things. I'm experienced in cooking, gardening, painting, framing, genealogy, throwing pots (on a wheel — not in the air 😀) and more.

After a couple of storms in my life, I fell in love with making soap. It's therapy. It took me a while to figure out why I became addicted. Maybe, it's because I'm a retired nurse and have always been serving and caring for others, whether it was family, friends or patients.

Nurses are crazy about washing our hands and killing germs. I remember teaching young children how to wash their hands when they visited my son. Little boys playing outside are always scruffy little guys who don't like to bathe.

Making soap was a healthy challenge since I had never made any, so I'm thankful to all my YouTube teachers. After six months, I am only strengthened in knowledge and seek more. I love it! It's like going back to school in a chemistry class. It's very interesting and always exciting to see how each batch turns out.

Our soaps have great qualities. I have given many away and have received wonderful, positive feedback. Many have asked me how to buy my soaps . . . so, here we are!

My friend Mr. Ed (a nice person, not a horse, of course - LOL) has joined me and is contributing his more than five decades of experience starting and operating small businesses. He's handling the commerce end, including marketing, sales, and website.

We believe that being kind to your skin, your body's largest organ, is very important to your well-being, so we use only natural ingredients. Many are organic and the best quality available. "Saponification," the technical term for soap making, occurs when sodium hydroxide (lye) reacts with pure oils to create soap. Be assured, however, there is never any lye left.

All natural elements and essential oils provide the colors and scents, but we also make colorless, scentless soap for sensitive skin.

Our soaps weigh about 5 ounces each and are gentle, cleansing, creamy, sudsy, conditioning and moisturizing. With care, you can make them last:

  • Don't let your soap sit in water
  • Store it on a well drained soap dish, allowing it to dry between uses
  • Use a natural wash cloth or loofah to extend its life.
  • Store unused soap in a dark cool place like a lingerie drawer or linen closet

If you've had an opportunity to try any of our soaps, please send us a comment on the Comments page to tell us how you liked them. Thank you.